I am Dushan Nedelkovich [Dootzky], born in 1982 in Serbia.
In English, my name is pronounced "DuShawn" or "DooShawn". Last name would sound like: Ne-del-ko-vich.

Software developer, entrepreneur, hacker, geek, minimalist, gamer, chess player, technology enthusiast, Linux fan, open-source supporter, former ice hockey player, drummer, very tenacious character, and proud father and husband. :)

I studied computer science in Europe, I contended in many programming contests, and I made fair number of opensource projects.
Currently living and working in Richmond, USA, as a CTO in company Bonfire Funds.

After few years doing software development jobs for other people, I started my own software company called Duneprog.
Few hundred clients, websites and projects later, I decided to team up and move to USA, work in a startup, and make a difference.

Bragging rights
I had a chance to do a bungee jump, jump with a parachute from the airplane (alone, without the instructor), I scuba-dived few times, and traveled around the Europe two times.

Actively played ice hockey for 7 years, basketball for 2 years, and played drums for over 9 years.
I was inseparable from my computer(s) ever since I was 8.