Teaching and Research

Postgraduate Education


   SDUT was approved as the institution granting master's degrees in 1998 and the one granting doctor’s degrees in 2013.

   After years of development, there are 3 doctorate authorization disciplines, 21 master's degree authorization disciplines, 14 engineering and 5 agricultural extension fields granting master degree. SDUT is authorized to grant a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Master of Finance (MF) full-time professional degree, at the same time. SDUT can accept applications for master degrees on engineering, agricultural extension, vocational school teachers’ on-the-job study and from people with equivalent schooling record.

   At present, the school has 2,600 postgraduate students. SDUT now has the tutor team of reasonable structure, high quality, full vitality, sustainable development with 44 doctor tutors, 531 master tutors (including 98 campus ones), 6 of whom won the title of “the Outstanding Postgraduate Student Teachers in Shandong Province”.

   The team of high-level tutors has laid a solid foundation for the high-level postgraduate education.

   As for the postgraduate education, SDUT insists to constantly strengthen the teaching reform of graduate education as the orientation, to improve graduate training quality as the core task. While implementing the national postgraduate education teaching reform  in the full scale, SDUT highlights the training of postgraduates’ innovative and practical abilities, preliminarily establishing the  training mode oriented by upgrading innovative ability for academic degree postgraduates, and the training mode oriented by upgrading professional ability for professional degree postgraduates. The quality and competitiveness of the postgraduate have been improved year by year.

   From 1999 to 2014, SDUT has awarded the master's degree to more than 4,000 people. In the past decade, the teaching quality of postgraduate education has been improved greatly. 21 master's degree dissertations were selected as the outstanding master's degree dissertations in Shandong Province and 8 postgraduate teaching achievements were awarded by Shandong as the outstanding ones, including 1 first prize.

   SDUT pays attention to postgraduate academic exchanging activities and the projects aiming at science and technology innovation. In recent 5 years, awards of the provincial or above level won by postgraduates amounted to more than 100.

   Attaching great importance to the cooperation with enterprises, SDUT has established 13 provincial postgraduate training institutes and workstations, as well as 30 university-level postgraduate joint training institutes.

   Facing new opportunities and challenges brought by the rapid development of science and technology as well as the transformation and upgrades of the society, SDUT is committed to enhance the postgraduate education by aiming to build “the well-known teaching-research university at home and abroad , constantly improving the degree and postgraduate education system and training mechanism, and comprehensively improving the quality of postgraduate education and competitiveness. SDUT hopes to make new brilliance in the field of the school degree and postgraduate education. (Data as of January 2015)

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