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International Education


   The international education is an important part of the SDUT’s strategy of internationalization of education.

   Since its foundation, adhering to the principle of “enlarging the scale, optimizing the structure, standardizing the management, and assuring quality” put forward by the Ministry of Education, SDUT actively pushes forward the education for international students and has made great development.

   As the qualified host university to receive international students who win the Chinese Government Scholarship, SDUT is one among the first batch of schools in Shandong Province to receive scholarship winners from abroad. In addition, SDUT is the Internet-based Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) center and the center for the International Chinese Teachers' Professional Qualification Test.

   In recent years, SDUT has trained over 3,300 international students, in various types, from more than 40 countries. DUT attaches importance to the international talents training system, optimizing the nationality structure of the international students and improving student training level. The international talents training system has various forms for people with different purposes, which consist of PhD, postgraduate students, undergraduate students and long-term and short-term language training and cultural experience. SDUT has trained a lot of linguistic, cultural, scientific talents and friendly messengers for international exchanges.

   The international education in SDUT has qualified teaching force, advanced teaching methods, rich teaching material, and various teaching facilities. Focusing on “knowledge, ability and quality” three-in-one talents training system, SDUT makes great efforts to promote the teaching reform and improve curriculum and team building of the teaching staff. Besides the normal classroom teaching, a variety of activities constantly improve the quality of education.

   The international students education has become an important component of campus culture. International students participate in the campus learning, practice, and community activities, and through the “Experience China, Chinese Bridge, “Partnership Program and other series of cultural events, integrate into Chinese students, Chinese families, Chinese communities, and experience Chinese culture and society.

   SDUT, with an open concept, excellent faculty, advanced teaching conditions, and perfect blend of teaching, living environment and good academic atmosphere, invites all students to study!

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