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Distance & Continuing Education


   The adult higher education of SDUT aims to train high-quality workers and specialized staff and to enhance people's quality. Upholding the spirit of providing further education for on-the-job staff and in promoting the economic development of Shandong Province, SDUT has already turned out thousands of specialized talents.

   The adult higher education is an important part of the whole education. Based on general education resources, 76 adult education majors with formal schooling record in 8 disciplines (engineering, science, liberal arts, law, economics, history, pedagogy, and management) have been established. Among the 76 majors, 30 are four-year programs and 46 three-year programs.

   The forms of schooling include: teaching by correspondence, evening classes, off-job study , and self-study. The levels of schooling include: four or three-year programs for students with high school diplomas, and bachelor degree programs for students with three-year college program diplomas.

   In recent years, with the improvement of teaching quality and conditions, the reputation of the University has been enhanced, its scale enlarged and the number of students uplifted. The current student body is 14,000 with 32 correspondence teaching stations located in Shandong Province and throughout China.

   In the adult higher education, SDUT attaches great importance to education without formal schooling record and training programs while promoting adult education with formal schooling record. Great achievement has been made in education without formal schooling record such as on-the-job training, certificate training, joint programs, on-the-job postgraduate education, college entrance examination tutoring and computer grade examination training.

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