SDUT delegation has successfully visited the friendly schools in the United States and Canada


At the invitation of the Brooklyn School of Law and the University of Alberta in Canada, ZHANG Xiangyun, member of the SDUT Standing Committee of CPC and Vice President of SDUT, headed a delegation to visit the sister schools in United States and Canada from September 5th to 13th, 2017 and returned successfully after completing the task of inter-school exchange and talent recruitment.

The delegation visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Alfred University, Brooklyn Law School and University of Alberta, Canada.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the delegation visited Dr. William A. Dick, Vice dean of scientific research affairs at the School of Engineering, and Dr. Donald Takehara, deputy director of scientific research affairs at the School of Engineering. They held a discussion and reached an agreement about the contents of the cooperation which included teachers exchange, and bilateral cooperation in scientific research and other matters.

At the University of Alfred, the delegation had discussed and promoted the two schools' in-depth cooperation and exchanges with Professor Mark Zupan, Dean and Professor Rick Stephens, and Professor Huang Zhitian, Dean of the Confucius Institute. The delegation also exchanged views with Prof. Alastair N. Cormack, Dean of the School of Engineering, and held a meeting on the establishment of the International Innovative R & D Center for Advanced Materials. The two sides agreed on this basis to carry out teacher exchanges, student exchanges and joint training programs, scientific research cooperation, technological achievement transformation, and strove for funding and resource assurance for the Center to run effectively. Accompanied by Prof. Cormack, the delegation also visited the Advanced Ceramic Materials Research Center of the School of Engineering.

In the Brooklyn Law School, the delegation met and talked with vice president and Professor Steven Dean, Professor Michael A. Gerber (former Dean, China Project Director), Professor William D. Araiza (former Vice President), Mrs. Julie Scully (International Project Director), conducting in-depth consultations for establishing the International Business Law Research Center jointly. The two sides agreed to further consolidate the intercollegiate exchange on the basis of the establishment of research center, to carry out exchange of teachers, students’ short and long periods of learning exchange, cooperative research and other comprehensive cooperation.

At the University of Alberta in Canada, the delegation met with Dr. Tammy Hopper, the Deputy Dean (Academic affairs), Dr. Huang Cen, Executive Director of the International Relations and Admissions Office, Assistant Vice-Chancellor (International Affairs), reviewed Cooperation and exchange of the two schools, exchanged the views of further expansion of cooperation projects, renewed “Visiting student certificate project agreement between the two schools, and visited the project leader of Student exchanges and discussed in details about the project publicity and its promotion.

During the visit, the delegation also held the SDUT Talent Recruitment Policy Promotion Conference at the University of Illinois (Champagne). In New York, the delegation participated Shandong Special Job Fair organized by Department of Education, Shandong Province. At the University of Alberta, the delegation attended the “Talent Recruitment for Shandong Colleges and Universities” co-hosted by the University of Alberta and Department of Education, Shandong Province, and promoted SDUT talent recruitment information and overseas high-level talent Recruitment Policies to the doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and carried out on-site exchange talks.

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