SDUT holds the second meeting to present its policies on personnel recruitment


 SDUT held the second meeting to promote its policies on recruiting high-level personnel in the conference room on the ninth floor of Hongyuan Toweron the morning of September 22. The meeting reviewed the previous work about the personnel recruitment, analyzed the existing problems and arranged the work to be done for the last three months of the year, aiming to carry out the tasks of personnel recruitment in an orderly manner. Liu Guohua, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy President of SDUT, attended and chaired the meeting. Those present at the meeting also included the heads of relevant Schools and staff members from Office of Human Resources.

Head of Office of Human Resources presented the work done about the recruitment of high-level personnel in 2017 and then arranged the work to be done in 2018 in this regard as well as admission of post-doctoral students. The head also asked each school to revise the agreement of three parties (SDUT, personnel with a Ph. D degree and corresponding school).

Liu Guohua pointed out, “SDUT’s strategy of ‘prioritizing human resources’ reflects that SDUT has paid close attention to the work on high-level personnel, which requires each school to accordingly assume duties with full confidence and firm determination.”

As regards the work on the projects of recruiting high-level personnel in 2017, Liu stressed that future work should be problem-oriented and precise; that each school must complete the basic task by keeping an eye on qualified candidates (namely, personnel-to-be) to ensure registration rate; that each school should attach importance to the recruitment of overseas personnel, taking the initiative to “go out” and recruiting high-level personnel through alumni or campus seminars, so as to establish communication channel with overseas personnel. She also requires each school to have a comprehensive understanding of the demand for qualified personnel as well as the employment of top personnel in the field, identifying the personnel needed and then recruiting such personnel as soon as possible.

She stated that each school should attract personnel with enthusiasm, sincerity, scientific mechanisms and decent pay. About the annual assessment of newly-recruited personnel with Ph.D. degree, each school, as she pointed out, should improve assessment system with strict standards and encourage teaching and research personnel to improve their competence. Liu then said that admitting post-doctoral researchers is of great significance in reserving teaching staff and improving scientific research. At last, she added that SDUT encourages researchers to come to SDUT to do postdoctoral research by offering a decent pay, to which each school must attach great importance.

Others present at the meeting exchanged their ideas about and made suggestions on such issues as registration time for the newly-recruited personnel with Ph. D degrees, the signing of the target mission statement, assessment system, and the use of funds and so on.

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