China Association of Higher Education supervises the affairs of overseas students of SDUT


SDUT welcomed its visitors from China Association of Higher Education (CAHE), Shandong Provincial Education Department and other agencies on September 21. These guests, authorized by Ministry of Education, formed an inspection group and, accompanied by Ma Ming from International Office of Shandong Provincial Education Department, came to supervise SDUT on the admission and management of overseas students. Among them are Yu Shucheng, Deputy Secretary-General from CAHE Branch in charge of affairs of overseas students and Wang Suchun, Dean of School of International Education at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.

Liu Guohua, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy President of SDUT, greeted the inspectors on behalf of SDUT and briefed them on the basics, in the hope that the inspection could give insights into the affairs of overseas students in SDUT.

“The number of overseas students in China has increased year by year under the ‘One Belt One Road Initiative’,” said Yu Shucheng. In 2016, the idea of “standardizing management, improving quality and efficiency, developing connotation, and speeding up the construction of ‘a strong country for overseas students to study in China’” was put forward in the conference on management of overseas students. The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security issued and actualized the “Measures for Admitting and Training Overseas Students” on July 1, 2017. So far, almost 800 institutions of higher education have enrolled overseas students, with a total of 440,000 students at school. However, some universities and colleges failed to do relevant work in a standardized way. Against this background, the Ministry of Education conducted a nation-wide, large-scale inspection over enrollment and management of overseas students in China and requested the institutions to strictly regulate related work.

Section chiefs concerned from the Office of International Cooperation & Exchange and School of International Education delivered their work report in terms of internationalization of SDUT, entry requirements for overseas students to study in SDUT, and their accommodation, admission examination, residence and visa management, student record management, and emergency mechanism. After having a detailed understanding of the admission, scholarship and tuition fees for overseas students, the inspectors looked over the files of application, management, attendance and records of these students. Then they gave some feedbacks to and made several suggestions on the future work to be done in terms of work mechanism, system construction, discipline building and enrollment structure.

The inspection group also visited the apartments and classrooms for overseas students as well as the offices in School of International Education, further learning about their living conditions and learning environment.

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