ZHANG Tiezhu, SDUT President, Led a Delegation to Visit Canadian Universities


From May 19th to 24th, 2018,  ZHANG Tiezhu led a three members’ delegation of SDUT to visit three universities in Canada, which are University of Waterloo (UW), University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and University of British Columbia. And they successfully completed various missions.

At the University of Waterloo, President ZHANG, together with the delegation, cooperated with Shandong Weineng Green Power Technology Co., Ltd (America’s Branch) to have an in-depth communication with leaders of UW to make joint efforts to introduce high-level talents from UW to SDUT and established the China-Canada Advanced Power Battery Joint Research Center. And later they signed a memorandum of high-level talents from UW to SDUT.

At the University of Ontario Institute of Technology,  President ZHANG, together with the delegation and Shandong Weineng (America’s Branch) conducted in-depth exchanges with local university’s Professor Gabriel Horsam on tripartite cooperation. They reached a consensus of setting up a North American Offshore Innovation Center,  jointly establishing the China-Canada Smart Grid Research Center and the China-Canada Biomass Energy Research Center. Besides, they exchanged their work of the flywheel battery project that has already begun.

At the University of British Columbia, President ZHANG and the delegation visited the Advanced Fiber Materials Laboratory, Mechanical and Electronic Laboratory, and Flexible Electronics and Energy Laboratory. They also communicated with the university’s scholars on issues, such as their scholars coming to teach in SDUT and applying for the title of “Taishan Scholar” as a distinguished professor etc..

During the visit, President ZHANG and the delegation held a talent recruitment seminar to introduce special characteristics of SDUT’s Subject Specialty Construction and the policy of SDUT’s Talent introduction.

This visit has created a precedent for the cooperation in establishing an offshore innovation center in North America. SDUT has not only made significant progress in the introduction of foreign high-level talents, but also deepened cooperation and exchanges with Canadian universities, boosting SDUT high-level talent introduction and the process of internationalization.

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