The meeting of the first half-year school work summary and the summer work deployment held


On July 20th, 2018, SDUT held a meeting in the lecture hall of No.3 Teaching Building, which summed up the work in the first half of 2018, and arranged for the deployment of summer key work, and requested the standards for the related work.

The meeting had been attended by the School leaders, LYU Chuanyi, ZHANG Tiezhu, YI Yuchen,  HU Xingyu, LIU Guohua, ZHANG Xiangyun, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, ZHA Yuxi, YI Weiming, ZHANG Jinsheng, and the middle-level cadres of the school. The meeting was presided over by HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the school party committee.

At the meeting, the participants first watched the “Metamorphic Changes in the Ivory Tower, a warning educational film, and after the film, YI Yuchen, deputy secretary of the school party committee, conveyed the spirit of the relevant documents.

ZHANG Tiezhu, deputy secretary of the school party committee and president, made a speech. He systematically reviewed and summarized the implementation of the school work in the first half of 2018 from the aspects of party ideological instruction, talent team building, discipline construction, education and teaching, scientific research and society service, and student education management services. He also made systematic arrangements for key works in the summer vacation, including the work of talents, first-class discipline construction and the fifth round of discipline assessment, education and teaching, scientific research, construction of Qingdao Research Institute, provincial bureau mutual construction, school-city integration, student enrolling, logistics service guarantee, safety management and the work of perfecting the performance evaluation system and mechanism for school-running.

Besides, LYU Chuanyi briefly reviewed the highlights of first-class discipline construction, talent introduction, scientific research and social services, all-person education, ideological propaganda, and large logistics service guarantees, and put forward four requirements for the school cadres.

The first is to learn more. We must conscientiously learn to comprehend the spirit of  important speech of inspecting Shandong delivered by General Secretary XI Jinping, learn to understand the spirit of the commendation conference which encouraged new cadres to take on the new role as a good secretary and a good entrepreneurial team in the new era of the province,  accelerate the development of the school, and strive to be the person who could catch the chance to be a richlerd on Mountain Tai who could bravely work in the new era.

Second, our mind must be open more and liberated. It was necessary to find the gap with the advanced standard, change the ideological concepts, and focus on overcoming the unhealthy tendency of sticking to the rules, following the old rules, the small pattern, the near vision, the narrow mind, the weak self-confidence, and the fear of difficulties. Thus, we should constantly explore new ideas suitable for school scientific development and enrich its connotation.

The third is to change the work style. We must firmly establish a work concept which centers on teachers and students, and focus on solving problems such as decision-making was far from the masses’ expectations, insufficiency in research, lack of service awareness, ineffective work implementation, fear of shouldering the responsibility, and lack of ability to perform duties, and continuously improve and strengthen our strict and “practical work style.

Fourth, the reform must be further deepened. Reform and opening up was the “key measure that determined the fate of SDUT. Only by continuous reform could SDUT find a way-out. However, in the reform, there were still problems in that the ability to lead reforms was not strong, the summary of major problems was inadequate, and the supply of effective systems was insufficient. It was necessary to highlight the orientation of problems, focus on the bottleneck of School development, and promote the development of SDUT with effective institutional supply and innovation.

Focusing on the implementation of the spirit of the conference, HU Xingyu put forward his requirements accordingly.

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